MOOC Modules on climate change and energy efficiency offered by The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna


Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna is a partner of a  European  Commission’s  Erasmus+  funded  project  called  “Integrating  education  with consumer behavior relevant to energy efficiency and climate change at the universities of Russia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh –BECK out of 14 partners in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Italy, Estonia, Russia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The BECK project focuses on climate change and energy discipline and has strong connections with various other disciplines such as engineering, management, environment science, economics, health, culture, psychology, ethics, etc. Multidisciplinary adaptive recognized and certified BECK MOOC modules are offering to create a suitable basis for education in the field consumer’s behavior related to energy efficiency and climate change in the built environment. Further, BECK will be empowering individuals and organizations with the skills, competencies and credentials needed to continue to pursue research and to lead research at institutions.

The Modules introduces and gives an overview of conceptual theories and applications for sustainable consumption stimulation by changing consumer behaviour into green for addressing the climate change.

Following Three MOOC modules are offered by the BECK project.

  1. Green Behaviour and sustainable consumption stimulation (15 weeks)
  2. Spirituality and relaxation techniques for personality development (15 weeks)
  3. Climate change at urban and peri-urban scale in tropics: Impacts, Mitigation and adaptation (15 weeks)

All three modules were approved by the Internal Quality Assurance Unit and the Senate of University of Ruhuna.

Modules are developed by the BECK team: Senior. Prof. CM Navaratne, Emeritus Prof. KDN Weerasinghe, Mr. HAC Priyankara, Mr. Ravindu Hashan, Mr. PP Ruwanpathirana, Ms. AN Dissanayke. First intake of students was registered in June 2021 and modules are running since June 20, 2021.

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We will be advertised for the next Intake in August 2021 and all undergraduates/graduates are welcome to join with us.